Price List

Price list for The Saddle Tree, LLC.

Please note that each saddle and situation is unique, therefore these prices are all estimates, and that I do many more jobs than is practical to list.

Prices are subject to change. Current prices to take effect 12/1/22. First increase in 5 years!
Farm Call Based on current IRS rates, divided among clients.  Will be waived for 4 or more at a single location in Ohio.
Saddle Fit evaluation $115 for 1st saddle on each horse, $60 for each additional saddle.  Please plan on riding and spending an hour for the first saddle and a half hour for each additional saddle. Discounts for follow-up fittings within 6 months.
Group rates $125 per hour for riding schools or clubs
Saddle Purchase consultation $300 fully deducted from saddle price if bought through The Saddle Tree, LLC.  Includes the opportunity to sit in multiple saddles, tracings and photos required to order your saddle plus plenty of advice and information about sizing, service, and available options.  Plan on spending 2-3 hours.
Remote purchase consultation $50 fully deductible from saddle price if bought through The Saddle Tree, LLC, for time spent evaluating your photos and tracings and advising you on the selection of your saddle.  For clients outside our travel area.

Tree adjustment

TreeClix installation


$350 includes on pair of wedges

Flocking adjustment $95
Total reflock/conversion from foam or air $350+ depending on construction of saddle
Drop panel $120 for any reason such as to check tree integrity
Billet replacement $45 each
Add D-rings $165
Educational Presentations Free! Youth and adult horse clubs, equine colleges, etc.  When booking, please let me know whether the presentation is to be given in a barn or classroom, and what facilities will be available (horses and saddles to use in demonstrations, screen and projector, whiteboards, etc.) so I can plan accordingly.