Harry Dabbs General Purpose

IB – the IB tree is for the difficult to fit broad-backed horse who still has a bit of wither. Saddle shown features the optional close-contact twist, which finally enables riders of wide horses to have a narrower twist! Brilliant design.
Equerry  – This synthetic saddle is built on the Harry Dabbs popular Avant tree.  This is the nicest synthetic material you’ve seen on a saddle!  Currently only available in black, but a full range of sizes and widths.  Comes standard with a selection of velcro blocks for your easy customization.
Harry Dabbs Hunter GP – Named for the heavy hunter types in the U.K. this tree is used for both dressage and GP saddles for round horses with no wither to speak of. You know, the horse on which every other saddle rolls sideways? Model shown has an open seat, but a deep seat option is available. 17.5 W

Future Panels are available on GP saddles, too! This one has an Avant tree, and is more similar to a jumping saddle with a straighter-cut, longer flap.
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