Harry Dabbs Dressage

The Mariella is a deep-seated monoflap with calf leather and fancy-stitched flap. This one is built on Harry Dabbs most popular tree, the Avant, specifically designed for off-track thoroughbreds. It features excellent wither clearance and generous shoulder contours. A fully custom saddle, it can be ordered with a variety of panel, block, pad, and billet combinations, just to start! Mine is on the performance panel, which provide greater freedom to the horse to round up through the back.
Another monoflap dressage, this is on the Avant XL tree which is perfect for warmbloods and TB/draft crosses that have a big wither/wither pocket but are broader than a typical OTTB.  This one is a monoflap with an extra long flap, a short block, and gold welting just for fun! Any of these options are available on any Harry Dabbs saddle.
IB – the IB tree is for the difficult to fit broad-backed horse who still has a bit of wither. Shown above in a Platinum Collection dressage model, black with grey welting and stitching on calf leather, this example features the optional close-contact twist, which finally enables riders of wide horses to have a narrower twist! Brilliant design.
Hunter – Named for the heavy hunter types in the U.K., this tree is used for round horses with no wither to speak of. You know, the horse on which every other saddle rolls sideways? Saddle shown has an open seat, but a deep seat option is available.
Extra – For the horse with a medium wither, whose back broaden’s toward the rear. Havanna brown with black front and rear facing, it looks especially stunning on a flea-bitten grey! Brown dressage saddles are increasingly popular with chestnut horses, too.
Classic – For the more angular roof back. This saddle features the optional gusseted panel.
XF Platinum – open head, wide seat, and flatter in the panels from front to back than the Avant, to which it is similar. This particular saddle has a forward flap and is from the Platinum Collection, which means upgraded leather and upswept performance panels for greater back freedom for the horse. Fancy stitching on the flap is optional!

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