Harry Dabbs Jump


Love the French and Italian saddles, but want something that fits you and your horse better?  You want Harry Dabbs!

Avant DJ
Avant DJ – Harry Dabbs most popular jump tree, the DJ features an open head and low stitch line, freeing the trapezius muscle for more expressive movement on the flat and over jumps. Available with a multitude of custom options including lots of different flap positions, blocks, twist widths, in addition to a variety of leathers in different colors and other decorative elements.
Platinum Pro Jump
Pro – A medium seat depth, the Pro looks like a French saddle, but with all the benefits of real English construction. Excellent on the horse with a rising topline. Available with all custom options, I currently have one in sturdy Memel and one in calf, with 100% wool panels.
Platinum Future Jump
Future – built on the Harry Dabbs DJ tree (see above), this saddle features the Future panel, which is cut back under the rider’s knee, liberating the horse’s tricep and shoulder for greater stride length and freedom of movement. 
Italiano – My first thought when I saw this saddle was I must have one!” It’s gorgeous. The Italiano combines the panache of Italian designers with the skill and craftsmanship from Harry Dabbs saddle makers. Sleek and stylish, it will enable the rider to achieve a close contact and a perfect jump position. Italian calf leather is standard on this luxury saddle, all at a price that will surprise you!
Avant XL
Avant XL- This tree is designed for a horse that is both withery and broad, like a big-boned thoroughbred or a thoroughbred draft cross. The tree is available in dressage and GP models, too, but this one is a monoflap jump saddle with a long-thigh flap. These options are available on jump saddles whatever tree your horse needs!
FJ stands for “Flat jump” (as compared to the DJ above, care to guess what that means?) Also on the Avant tree, with all the same slew of design options. Which is better is purely down to rider preference. Flat seat or deep?

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