Welcome to the latest addition to services offered by The Saddle Tree!

Class 1: Saddle Fitting for Horse Owners

Learn why and how to take templates of your horse’s back, learn the anatomical structures most important to saddle fitting, learn how to check the structural integrity of a saddle, and get your hands on lots of saddles and several horses to practice looking for and feeling for correct and incorrect fit. I consider this the foundation of what every horse person should know about saddle fit, however in reality it is an intense 5 hour class suitable for professionals (trainers, instructors, bodyworkers, vets) and ambitious amateurs. Be prepared to have your hands on horses! You may want to bring a chair. Flexi-curves, pens, markers, notes, snacks, bottled water, and box lunch provided.

Next class is Saturday September 30, 2023, at 10:00 in Centerburg, OH.

To reserve a spot, please submit the CONTACT form and submit payment here, $95 today but subject to change. Within a few days you will receive confirmation, class address, and questions about dietary restrictions.

Classes for 2024 are yet to be scheduled, but please use the CONTACT form to request early notification when they are scheduled.

Class 2: Biomechanics of Saddle Fit

A deep dive into how horses move and what effects their movement, including but not limited to saddle fit. A multi-session class coming soon.

Class 3: Saddle Fitting the Rider

A saddle has to fit the rider too! A much under-appreciated but extremely important aspect of saddle fitting. Not available yet.

Class 4: Altering the Fit

Flocking adjustments, tree adjustments, moving billets and more. This will be a multi-day class geared toward the aspiring saddle fitter. Not available yet.