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The Elegance, a timeless beauty from the Classic Collection on Frank Baines’ most popular tree.
The Pirouette is made by Frank Baines on a tree with a very open head (hoop). It fits a great many horses, who also appreciate the comfortable serge panels. Riders feel very supported, secure, and balanced in the medium depth seat with a moderate twist. The seat itself is a bit wider for a great base of support for the rider. The monoflap design assists in feeling closer to the horse. Velcro blocks allow the rider to personalize the fit. Available in widths up to 4W.
Omni The Omni is a go-to for high-withered horses. Many riders have commented that the demo saddle feels as though it was made for them from their first sit. Made with a very deep seat that somehow manages to be supportive without being restrictive! The depth would be especially appreciated on a flighty mount. A specially-designed stirrup bar reduces bulk under the leg for a very close contact feel while allowing easy access for fitting leathers. T-bar leathers are recommended to appreciate the full benefit of this design.
The Adagio is a part of the premium Symphony Collection. A monoflap saddle with a medium seat depth and twist, the options for personalizing this saddle are nearly endless! Design your own with the award-winning Build-My-Baines app at
The Sequence, a part of the Symphony Collection, adds modern design features to the Frank Baines options.  The tree is a hybrid of the most popular trees from the Classic collection, plus high-tech grip fabrics, a cut-away skirt allowing the block to be positioned higher for extra thigh stability, and soft calf leather are all standard on this luxury model. 
The Operetta is on the same tree as the Sequence, open in front with some curve to the rails, but with a narrower twist for the rider. Absolutely stunning!
“Soprano; enables the rider to perform to their high notes.” The Soprano is another Symphony Collection saddle. Made on the same popular tree is the Classic Elegance, this monoflap saddle is fully calf-covered with a narrow twist.
The Rococco, the newest member of the Symphony Collection.

The Enduro is a brilliantly designed endurance saddle. An extra wide channel increases air flow while broader panels distribute weight over more surface for reduced fatigue.

Check out the full range of Frank Baines saddles at their website here.

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