Black Country


Dressage and Endurance                   Jump and GP

A relatively young saddle company, Black Country has been making quality saddles for over 30 years. They are best known among the eventing crowd, who particularly appreciate Black Country’s innovative take on the monoflap, and their reputation is spreading quickly. Many who’ve ridden in a Black Country saddle say they will never buy another brand!

They have a little more curve to the tree than most English brands and the panel shape does well on short backs. Short panels are a no-cost custom option available for especially short backs.

Black Country makes fitting easy by offering four different tree shapes in nearly all saddle models: a classic/traditional shape, a hoop tree for broad backs, a dippy tree for more shapely backs, and the brand new native tree specifically designed for our American breeds such as Morgans, Saddlebreds, and Quarter horses who are often both broad and shapely. Black Country is happy to accommodate most customization at no additional charge, such as changing the flap length, shape, or position to whatever you like, and moving or re-shaping blocks.

Additional charges apply to colored welting, Velcro blocks, or K-panels.

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Dressage and Endurance

Jump and General Purpose