Harry Dabbs


Dressage                                                           Jump                                  General Purpose (GP)

Harry Dabbs saddles may be best known for the saddles they’ve made under other names, including Jaguar and the original Pessoa (By the way, they are still happy to make an AO for anyone who is missing theirs!) However, they have developed quite a following under their own name. I don’t know of any saddle maker that is more heavily invested in biomechanics research and application. They are constantly striving to improve and refine their designs for optimal performance, and as a result they have some exciting options for the hard-to-fit horse.

Harry Dabbs offers about 14 different tree shapes to fit an impressive variety of backs! The name of the saddle is the name of the tree. From the Avant tree designed for today’s thoroughbred to the Hunter tree for the round horse on whom every other saddle you’ve tried rolls sideways, and everything in between. They are one of the few companies that can accommodate a back that is both broad and curvy, and other combination challenges.

As for customization, if you can dream it, they can build it, and odds are it won’t cost extra. Even twist width and seat width can be modified! Think your horse is so unusual that treeless is the only option? Think again!

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General Purpose (GP)

Check out the full range of Harry Dabbs saddles at their website here.


Future Saddles by Harry Dabbs

A particularly unique innovation that Harry Dabbs offers is the Future Saddle. The panels on a Future Saddle are cut back at the front to maximize freedom of movement in the shoulder. Any overlapping flap above the cut back shape is then reinforced to prevent the flap from collapsing under the rider’s leg. The design combines a traditional appearance with really amazing new design. Big shoulders are no problem for a Future Saddle! Available in jump, dressage, and general purpose styles.