Black Country Jump and GP

GP Event saddle is perfect for the rider who wants versatility and comfort for horse and rider. Just as many custom options as any more specialized saddle, this saddle can be made to meet your specs perfectly with versatility for pleasure, flatwork and jumping. 
The Ricochet is the saddle that gets the most interest from clients. It has enough depth of seat for riders to feel secure, but not so much that they can’t maneuver as much as needed for drop jumps cross country. It has a low-profile, square-cantled seat and an aesthetic continental close-contact look – so sought after in the jumping world, especially with hunter/jumper riders. The panel and tree combination lends itself to many high wither profiles from hunting horses and Thoroughbred eventers to some of the more modern warmblood jumpers.

The Wexford is a deep-seated jumping saddle, similar to the GP range, offering a wider seat for greater comfort than most traditional jump saddles. This saddle is extremely popular with fox hunters and trail riders who want to be able to jump a fallen tree or ditch, but require comfort mile after mile. This saddle comes with large supporting knee and thigh blocks for the ultimate in rider security and comfort. Broad and deep panels provide an extra measure of comfort for the horse. A support saddle for the hunting season, the novice jumper, or for those of us who just like an “arm-chair” ride!
Black Country’s close-contact jump saddle.

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