Demo Sale!

You’ve found the clearance section!  If you are interested in a particular model please Contact Us with your inquiry.  I’m happy to send pictures and other details.

We regularly  have new, demo, and occasionally used condition saddles available. All prices are at least 15% off with most 25-35% off! This represents over $1000 in savings on many saddles!

Please contact us here if you’re interested in purchasing one of these saddles.

All inventory saddles come with a seven day trial. Shipping is to be paid by the buyer.

The clearance list is getting short! It still includes models from Black Country, Frank Baines, Harry Dabbs, Jeffries, and Equerry; dressage, jump, close-contact, and general purpose. The current list as of 9/1//2020 is below:

Black Country  Eloquence Freedom tree   17.5″ W Black Full Grain
Harry Dabbs GP     17 MW Black Full Grain
Harry Dabbs Dressage IB tree   18 MW+ Black Full Grain
Harry Dabbs Flat Jump     17 M Havanna Full Grain
Equerry GP     17.5 M Black Synthetic
Equerry GP     17.5 MW Black Synthetic
Equerry GP     18 W Black Synthetic
Frank Baines Dressage Capriole   18 2W Black Hide
Frank Baines Dressage Omni   17 W Black Patent Hide
Harry Dabbs Dressage Classic Classic 17.5- MW Black Full Grain
Harry Dabbs Dressage Platinum Future 17.5 MW Black Paris
Harry Dabbs Jump Platinum DJ 17.5 MW Autumn Gold Calf
Harry Dabbs GP Classic Hunter 17.5 XW Havannah Memel
Jeffries Dressage   Liberty 17 W Black Full Grain






Frank Baines Capriole Dressage



HD Classic Dressage Left Side

Harry Dabbs Classic Dressage




Harry Dabbs Platinum Future Dressage

General Purpose


Equerry General Purpose

HD Hunter Left Side.jpg

Harry Dabbs Hunter General Purpose