Demo Sale!

You’ve found the clearance section!  If you are interested in a particular model please Contact Us with your inquiry.  I’m happy to send pictures and other details.

We regularly  have new, demo, and occasionally used condition saddles available. All prices are at least 15% off with most 25-35% off! This represents over $1000 in savings on many saddles!

Please contact us here if you’re interested in purchasing one of these saddles.

All inventory saddles come with a seven day trial. Shipping is to be paid by the buyer.

The current list as of 7/6/2023 is below:


Frank Baines demo sale

The situation: for the past few years, production times at Frank Baines were greatly increased, up to 6 months for a while, due to saddle makers being out with Covid and increased demand for saddles when people were not vacationing. Rather than have my clients waiting a long time for saddles, I increased my inventory so I would have suitable saddles available for them immediately. Now production times have been back to normal for a while and I still have a lot of extra saddles! I also am ill and haven’t been fitting saddles so all these lovely saddles are just sitting here collecting dust. Let’s get them homes!

I’m happy to get more pictures, but please do not ask unless you are serious. Let me know if you want specific views. Again, I am ill, and I have very low tolerance for people wasting my energy.

Terms: Prices listed are 15% or more off retail. Seven day trial is available. It is highly recommended that you send tracings of your horse’s back unless you are working with a qualified Frank Baines fitter so we can be sure that the size and shape of the saddle I ship you is appropriate for your horse. I don’t want to waste your time/$ or mine. Additional reductions are available for those who do not require a trial, make me an offer.

I have every intention of continuing as a Frank Baines rep, I just need to thin out the inventory. For example, I don’t need two Operettas! Once one is sold, BOTH will be removed from the clearance list.

Saddles are mostly excellent demo quality, though some have never been on a horse. Exceptions are a 2019 18″M Omni that is used, a lightly used 17.5″ MW Rococo, and a 18″ MW Omni that has been demo’d enough times to look like a demo.

Reflex jump 17.5 MW Havanna calf, velcro blocks $4000

Enduro 17.5 W black Buffalo $3700

****Everything else is dressage:

Andante 17.5″ MW mono, buffalo, TreeClix, serge $3500

Elegance 17.5″ MW hide, velcro blocks, serge $3000

Omni 17″ W black hide, dual flap, patent rear facing, serge $3000

Omni 18″ M mono, black hide, velcro blocks, serge, USED $2500

Omni 18″ MW dual flap, black hide $3250

Omni 18″ W mono, black hide velcro blocks $3500

Operetta 17.5″ MW black calf with cream stitch and welt, tan accents $5300

Operetta 18″ MW short flap, black calf, makala seat and pads, ostrich rear facing and cantle insert. $4995

Pirouette 18″ 2W, black hide, velcro blocks, serge $3600

Pirouette 17.5″ MW, black hide, velcro blocks $3600

Rococo 17.5″ MW, black calf, with Makala seat and pads $4000

Sequence (discontinued) same tree as the Operetta, but a dual flap. 17.5″ W black calf with silver IGS, welt and stitch. $4000

Soprano 18 W black calf, dove patent welt and stitch, quilted cantle insert, serge $4200

Harry Dabbs Platinum Future Dressage $3500, over 20% off