The Saddle Tree, LLC is ready to meet all your saddlery needs across Ohio and beyond. We are able to work with all English saddles including dressage saddles, jump saddles, endurance saddles, close contact saddles, eventing saddles, general purpose saddles, polo saddles, Icelandic saddles and more!

As a Certified Independent Saddle Fitter, owner Amanda Berges is trained to work on all English saddles, and yet does not work for any brand or label so clients’ needs are the only priority.

Amanda has carefully selected four saddle makers to work closely with based on their top quality products, outstanding customer service and ability to fit a wide range of horses: Black Country, Frank Baines, E. Jeffries, and Harry Dabbs. Between them we can fit an incredible range of horses!

Perhaps even more important is the full range of saddle fitting services available across Ohio and to surrounding areas. Protect your investment and your horse’s back with regular reflocking. Billet repair or replacement, restitching whatever may have come loose and removing knee/thigh blocks are just a few of the repairs that The Saddle Tree can provide, and many can be done on the spot. No need to be without your saddle for even a day!


I was extremely happy working with Amanda at The Saddle Tree. Amanda is all about the horse’s comfort, and she did an amazing job adjusting my saddles. Riding my horse before and after the adjustment was like night and day. I was impressed with Amanda because she was not just out to sell me a saddle. I did try a variety of saddles and we identified which type my horse is the most comfortable in and which type suits me best, but she encouraged me to wait until my horse was completely filled out before buying. I don’t know too many sellers who would do that. Since one of my saddles is not a perfect fit for my horse, after she is muscled up I plan on getting a saddle from Amanda – I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Janice, May 2016

I am not sure why I didn’t acquire this saddle sooner! I have had amazing rides on my horse since having my Black Country Wexford! He is offering to canter more and my trainer said his transitions are looking so much better as he is lifting his shoulder more. And today we jumped for the first time in a long time. It wasn’t a huge fence or anything, but he actually cantered to it. I think he likes jumping and really feels better in the saddle. I know I do! I can honestly say it is the most comfortable saddle that I have ever sat in. Thanks again Amanda!

Pam R., October 2015