I LOVE my job! And so it is with sadness that I must take a hiatus, but I will leave you in good hands.

The following fitters have agreed to take care of you in my absence:

Bryan Lynch – Southwestern region of Ohio and Kentucky- text is preferred: 859-250-7458   mycreaturecomfortsky.com  ccky@gmail.com

Michelle Richardson  thehappyequine.com  513.465.6607  Michelle@thehappyequine.com

Jen Scholz –  www.slsaddles.com  412-600-4729 info@slsaddles.com

Sue Shirley  Sue’s in Saddlery | Williamsburg OH | Facebook 513-288-7642

All of these wonderful people are fully qualified to check the fit and adjust flocking on any saddle you already have, and they all have full access to my inventory of saddles, girths, and accessories in addition to the products they usually carry.

I will be available to consult on any questions that arise, to submit custom orders, and to do remote fittings.  If you have a saddle currently in production I will make every effort to deliver it to you personally.


Amanda was very patient and listened to my needs. I never thought I’d find a saddle wide enough for my Halflinger. Amanda found one and I was amazed by how free his movement was compared to my old saddle! Stellar service!

Morgan, July 2015

I was extremely happy working with Amanda at The Saddle Tree. Amanda is all about the horse’s comfort, and she did an amazing job adjusting my saddles. Riding my horse before and after the adjustment was like night and day. I was impressed with Amanda because she was not just out to sell me a saddle. I did try a variety of saddles and we identified which type my horse is the most comfortable in and which type suits me best, but she encouraged me to wait until my horse was completely filled out before buying. I don’t know too many sellers who would do that. Since one of my saddles is not a perfect fit for my horse, after she is muscled up I plan on getting a saddle from Amanda – I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Janice, May 2016