Hi! I’m Amanda.

I have been involved with horses in a variety of capacities for decades.

As a trainer, my focus was on problem horses and starting young horses.  Problem horses are the ones no one else wants to deal with!  But I knew that when horses misbehave it is almost always because they are trying to communicate that they are uncomfortable, whether physically or mentally.  By figuring out the source of the discomfort, I could resolve the horses’ behavioral problems with minimal risk to myself.  Starting young horses was easy by comparison!  By starting them correctly and carefully I knew they would be unlikely to ever become problem horses for someone else.

As a riding insLOGO-ARIA-11-06-250x115tructor, I taught at everything from backyard stables to  national champion show stables and college equestrian programs at Nazareth College in Rochester, New York, and Lake Erie College in Painesville, Ohio.  I have been certified by the American Riding Instructors Association for dressage and huntseat since 2002.

As an extension of my desire to teach as many riders as possible, I began judging and earned my judging credentials in OH, NY, PA, IN, IL, and KY.  This enabled my to give feedback to riders in the show ring, and opened up more opportunities to teach young riders at clinics, too.

To reach even more riders, I wrote a book.  The Training Tree for Riders describes a system of instruction to develop the whole rider in any discipline in a very methodical, yet fun abooknd challenging way.  The structure is based on the famous German training scale or training tree that riders have been using to develop their horses for over 100 years.  In the same way, the Training Tree for Riders is effective for any discipline and can ensure that the rider ultimately is balanced, supple, and effective.

Throughout the years and job descriptions, saddle fit has been a difficult challenge.  This point was driven home when my own horse outgrew his saddle and I tried to find quality help.  It was not easy to find, and I found some charlatans in the process.  It was time consuming, expensive and very frustrating.  But I learned a great deal in the process, enough to feel like I could help others avoid the same frustration.

I then set about finding more opportunities to learn. I earned my certification from the highly respected Mike Scott in South Carolina.  After his very challenging course, I went to England to work directly with the saddle makers whose products I chose to work with.  I began fitting saddles professionally upon my return.

It has been an extremely rewarding experience.  I love that now, when I see a saddle fit problem, I can fix it!  I love tEA 2019 (2)hat people are so surprised and impressed with how much more comfortable they are after I adjust their saddle for their horse.  I love that even though I frequently meet horses that pin their ears, swish their tails, and grind their teeth as their saddles are put on their backs, they aren’t doing it any more by the time I leave.  I am amazed and humbled that I have made lame horses sound on several occasions by fitting their saddles.  I look forward to helping many more horses in the years to come!

I continue to learn every chance I get. Some of the more notable learning adventures were a second trip to England in August of 2019 to work alongside saddle makers and a biomechanics workshop for saddlery professsionals by Gillian Higgins of Horses Inside Out, and in 2022 an equine dissection led by Sharon May Davis and an International Equine Podiatry Conference.  

It’s been recognized for thousands of years that the best way to learn is to teach. Every one of my fittings is a lesson, too, as I explain my findings and my thoughts about options for improvement. I’ve also taught about saddle fitting at the following:

Novi Equestrian Expo, 2016

Otterbein Univeristy, once or twice per year since 2016

Thoroughbred Makeover Competition, 2017

Equine Affaire, 2018

School of English Saddle Fitting and Flocking, Master class, 2018

Ohio Univeristy Equestrian Team, 2018

USHJA Developing Riders National Meeting, 2019

Pony Club Tri-State Winter Weekend, 2020

Path International Ohio Conference, 2023

Numerous presentations at private stables ever year!