The name says it all: Ergox2 = Ergonomics for both horse and rider!

Many riders say, “I want a saddle that fits my horse, but it doesn’t have to fit me, I can get used to anything.” Well, the fact is that if the saddle also fits the rider then the horse can do his job with much greater ease.

The most important aspect of fitting the rider is to put their pelvis in a neutral balance. If your pelvis is neutral, then the whole rest of your body can function more effectively, it becomes easier for you to ride, and it becomes easier for your horse to carry you. If your pelvis is tilted even slightly forward or backwards, or if the support under your thigh isn’t right, then your body will be forced to compensate and tense up somewhere. In an Ergox2 fitting appointment, a great deal of care will be taken to make sure that you as a rider are supported correctly. This does NOT mean that you will be held in place with a high cantle and big blocks! In fact, quite the opposite. Once the balance is correct you will quickly find that you don’t need those things to feel secure and confident. It’s quite a different direction than saddle design has gone in over recent decades, and I am excited to help usher in a change!

If you are a saddle nerd, you may have seen images like these floating around the internet:

Some pelvises are short and wide.
Some pelvises are long and narrow.

These are impressions of riders’ seat bones and pubic bone! This is a FAR more precise way to determine seat size than checking how many fingers you can fit between you and the end of the cantle.


Ergox2 founder, Maria Hallring has measured thousands of rider pelvises on correlated her data with seat sizes for Ergox2 saddles. And this is just the start of the research she has done with regard to fitting riders.

Of course, we will make sure the saddle fits your horse, too!

And you probably want to know what the saddles look like?

Currently there are only a few trees to choose from, though many options to fit riders. As the company grows, options will expand. See more at ErgoX2 of Sweden and at Ergox2 of Sweden UK on Facebook