Established in 1820, “Jeffries is one of the best-known names in the horse-world, renowned for quality and reliability.” I had long known the reputation, but only became acquainted with the brand by chance. I immediately recognized that I needed them in my repertoire, and within about a month, they were a top seller.

Currently, The Saddle Tree, LLC, carries only the newest range of Jeffries saddles, consisting of the Sport, the Liberty, and the XP. The different designations only refer to the openness at the head of the tree:

  • the Sport is a traditional shape
  • the Liberty is more of a hoop tree for broader backs
  • the XP is extremely open for the really round ones

Otherwise, the designs of the three are the same. All three tree shapes are available in dressage, jump, and general purpose (GP) models. They are best suited to the straight-backed horse.

Customizations are more limited than our other brands, but still available. Your choices are:

  • Black or brown
  • Regular or close-contact twist
  • Flap length (short, standard, long)
  • Welting color
  • Cantle insert
  • Front and rear facings

Velcro blocks are also available for a small additional fee.

Although not much can be changed about these saddles, there isn’t much that anyone wants to change! They are hard to keep in stock.

As with all of the saddles from the Saddle Tree, Jeffries models are manufactured using the highest quality materials combined with the latest technology. Jeffries saddles feature: • Flatter rails • Open head • Low stitch line (for greater freedom of the horse’s trapezius muscle) • Generous Gullet for good spine clearance. • Good panel depth and bearing surface • English wool flocked panel. Riders will benefit from the soft dual density seat, substantial knee/thigh blocks and stitched knee pads – all of which provide a great look, comfort and seat security. The Jeffries saddles do not offer the level of customization of the other brands carried by The Saddle Tree, but makes up for that with a lower price tag 😉 An outstanding value!

Check out the full line of Jeffries saddles at their website here.

New from Jeffries: the Exquisite Jump. Calfskin covered, beautiful, and secure! Can be made on the Sport, Liberty, or XP trees.
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