Other Products

I can’t possibly put on one page all of the products that I have access to!  Suffice it to say, if you are looking for something particular and can’t find it, I probably can get it.  All variety of leather goods including custom products, whips, bits, brushes, stable blankets, coolers, leg wraps, dog coats, exercise blankets, martingales, bridles, halters, buckets, manure forks…

Particularly popular to order are strap goods from Jeffries, and saddle pads from NuuMed and ThermaTex. Equerry, Stablemates, and Edward Goddard products are also available through The Saddle Tree.

On this page, I will simply include the items I generally have in stock!


The girth you use directly affects the fit of the saddle!


Horses with forward girth grooves or big, laid back shoulders really benefit from an offset girth. It can dramatically improve the fit of their saddle, and therefore there comfort and performance. They aren’t for every horse, but at your saddle fit appointment we will determine if this girth is right for you and what size you need.

Total Saddle Fit Girths

Long girths for jump and GP saddles have double elastic ends.     Leather




Short girths for dressage or monoflap saddles without elastic.       Leather




StretchTec girths have elastic! Short. With leather lining


With neoprene lining



Similar to the above in purpose, this girth has top-notch Harry Dabbs quality leather and workmanship.  The offset is slightly less than for the TSF girths above, so one girth may suit your horse better than the other. Long, short, and synthetic versions all boast Triple Crossover elastic at both ends.

Harry Dabbs Girths

Long girths for jump and GP saddles


Short girths for dressage and monoflap saddles


Synthetic “Waffle Girth” encourages air flow & prevents chafing and rubbing



Everybody needs brushes!  But these aren’t just any brushes… Infused with KBF99 these brushes are amazing! KBF99 kills bacteria and fungus, so say goodbye to thrush, mud fever, scratches, ringworm, rainrot, even aural plaques!


But wait! There’s more: I know I sound like a bad infomercial, but this is exciting! KBF99 protects you and your horse without the use of chemicals! The bristles are actually covered in microscopic spikes to stab the germs! Then, tiny electrical charges finish the job.  Germs don’t stand a chance!

Long Fiber Dandy Brush (not shown)                          $25.00

Body brush or Dandy brush                                            $20.00

Hoof brush or Curry Comb                                             $ 8.00

Brooms, buckets, feed scoops, bucket brushes, and shavings forks with KBF99 technology are available upon special request.  Please ask for details, or go to the KBF99 website here:  http://www.kbf99.co.uk.

Pro-Core Trainer

In order to fit a horse to a saddle, it has to have adequately developed back muscles to carry a saddle!  If your horse does not, I may recommend some work in the Pro-Core Trainer by Thermatex www.thermatex.co.uk.


The Pro-Core can be used with a surcingle, as shown, or under a saddle.  An adjustable elastic band under the belly encourages using abdominal muscles to lift the back, and two positions for one around the hindquarters encourages even engagement of both hind legs.

The Pro-Core Trainer is a powerful tool to be used under the guidance of your vet or physiotherapist!                                                                                            $150.00

Thermatex Saddle Fitters Pad



Complete with 6 front shims and 4 rear shims. Fits all style of saddles.

It is widely known that horses are not symmetrical and in many cases a saddle fitting pad can help to remedy this. It is also an excellent aid for horses who lack muscle tone due to age, fitness or injury. Unlike other shimmable half pads in that it is VERY thin.  Most half pads add quite a bit of bulk even without shims, often making a saddle that very nearly fits too tight.  When recommending shims to clients I usually recommend JUST a shim, not a shimmable pad, for that reason.  The problem with that is that shims can slip or get lost!  This pad is the solution!

Each Thermatex Saddle Fitters Pad comes with 10 corrective shims which can be placed inside any of the four pockets (a maximum of 6 in the front and 4 in the back) to achieve the correct saddle balance.

This pad is not designed to be used with an ill-fitting saddle – we recommend that you have your saddle checked regularly.

The ideal aid for saddle fitting adjustments.                                                                $120