Such a relief to work with Amanda after only having experience with specific brand representatives. She was extremely helpful and respectful of budget and preferences. She answered all of our questions and was honest and knowledgeable. Thank you!

I felt that the info I was given was straight forward and without bias. It appears my horse might have taken a fall out at pasture and was body sore. This made him ouchy in front. Amanda was very considerate of his soreness.

She was full of information. Able to answer all of my questions. And made sure that the saddle was right for both me and the horse. Would highly recommend her!

I’m thrilled to have found a great saddle fitter. Amanda is very knowledgeable and The Saddle Tree is very good about prompt communication.

I appreciate that when Amanda is adjusting a saddle, that she actually watches me ride in it and then makes the appropriate adjustments. I also like the amount of information that she gives me. For example my previous saddle fitter gave me so much information regarding what I needed that it was overwhelming and not useful. I also appreciate that she is able to accommodate the occasional weekend appointment.