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“Officially am keeping [the trial saddle]. 5th ride and she continues to be a different horse. Was relaxed but short at first, is now opening up, sweeping trot, long and low while I’m on the buckle. It’s like a freaking miracle. We both thank you so so much.”

Lauren 1/19


Such a relief to work with Amanda after only having experience with specific brand representatives. She was extremely helpful and respectful of budget and preferences. She answered all of our questions and was honest and knowledgeable. Thank you!

I felt that the info I was given was straight forward and without bias. It appears my horse might have taken a fall out at pasture and was body sore. This made him ouchy in front. Amanda was very considerate of his soreness.

She was full of information. Able to answer all of my questions. And made sure that the saddle was right for both me and the horse. Would highly recommend her!

I’m thrilled to have found a great saddle fitter. Amanda is very knowledgeable and The Saddle Tree is very good about prompt communication.

I appreciate that when Amanda is adjusting a saddle, that she actually watches me ride in it and then makes the appropriate adjustments. I also like the amount of information that she gives me. For example my previous saddle fitter gave me so much information regarding what I needed that it was overwhelming and not useful. I also appreciate that she is able to accommodate the occasional weekend appointment.

Feels like sitting on a Rolls Royce! My [expensive French saddle] never felt like this!

Lindsey N., November 2017

Just wanted to send you a quick update and thank you for the saddle fit recommendations! My horse Rain has dips behind his withers causing our new saddle (which fit otherwise) to slide forward onto his shoulder. Based on your recommendation, I got a curvy girth and a non slip pad, and this combo has been working out great! We got the Success Equestrian no slip pad and it keeps the saddle in place. Rain seems happy and is moving better than ever! So thank you! 🙂

Caitlin & Rain, February 2016

I was extremely happy working with Amanda at The Saddle Tree. Amanda is all about the horse’s comfort, and she did an amazing job adjusting my saddles. Riding my horse before and after the adjustment was like night and day. I was impressed with Amanda because she was not just out to sell me a saddle. I did try a variety of saddles and we identified which type my horse is the most comfortable in and which type suits me best, but she encouraged me to wait until my horse was completely filled out before buying. I don’t know too many sellers who would do that. Since one of my saddles is not a perfect fit for my horse, after she is muscled up I plan on getting a saddle from Amanda – I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Janice, May 2016

Amanda was referred to me by a client when another client of mine was in the market for a saddle, but was overwhelmed with the selection process. Amanda came out to our farm and spent several hours trying saddles with her and was overwhelmingly patient and knowledgable. She helped my client choose at saddle by Black Country that she absolutely loves and fits her horse famously (I also appreciate riding in it too!) I’ve now used Amanda for my personal saddle fittings and recommend her to anyone who asks. Highly, highly recommend!

Nikki, Transitions Training Center, November 2015

I am SO SO happy to know my saddle fits my horse well and isn’t hurting him and that your adjustments have helped my position so dramatically!! Thanks again!

Nancy W., November 2015

I am not sure why I didn’t acquire this saddle sooner! I have had amazing rides on my horse since having my Black Country Wexford! He is offering to canter more and my trainer said his transitions are looking so much better as he is lifting his shoulder more. And today we jumped for the first time in a long time. It wasn’t a huge fence or anything, but he actually cantered to it. I think he likes jumping and really feels better in the saddle. I know I do! I can honestly say it is the most comfortable saddle that I have ever sat in. Thanks again Amanda!

Pam R., October 2015

Amanda completely reworked my saddle by removing the original air panels and replacing them with wool flocking. She made sure that the panels are deeper, the gullet is wider, and the whole underside is soft and smooth. My saddle looks and feels great, and my horse likes the changes!

Linda S., March 2015

Amanda went through our tack room matching saddles to our polo ponies. I learned a lot by watching her process and she took the time to explain why some saddles worked for each horse and others didn’t. I feel better equipped to assess saddle fit myself on a daily basis. I was surprised by the saddle she chose for one withery mare, but by the time Amanda finished adding wool to the panels it was a beautiful fit! I was also impressed by the quality of the repairs that Amanda did for us. I would definitely recommend her! .

Sheila, Alpine Polo School, April 2015