Harry Dabbs Italiano


Harry Dabbs Italiano Jump Saddle

17.5 Black calf

This is a gorgeous saddle!  Sleek and stylish, it combines the panache of Italian designers with the skill and craftsmanship of Harry Dabbs saddle makers.  For a straighter back, so if the French saddles you’ve tried rock, this may be just the thing!

$1500, one week trial, shipping to be paid by buyer. Regularly $2430

Very Good Demo Condition, could easily pass for brand new!

Tree is adjustable by a saddle fitter, currently W.  I can adjust it to your template for final sale.  Pure wool flocked panels.

Harry Dabbs offers a number of different trees and panels to best fit your specific horse.  The Italiano tree is designed for a medium high wither and a flat back.  The upswept performance panel relieves the back for greater lumbar engagement and is a must-have for a short-backed horse.  

For the rider, it is extremely well balanced, as are all Dabbs saddles 😉 Moderate in seat depth and narrow twist.