Harry Dabbs Avant XL


Harry Dabbs Platinum Avant XL monoflap jump saddle

For beefy TBs, or withery warmbloods, draft/TB crosses, appendix QHs, or similar

17.5 Autumn Gold Oiled Memel

$3000, one week trial, shipping to be paid by buyer. Regularly $3540

Very Good Demo Condition, could easily pass for brand new!

Tree is adjustable by a saddle fitter, currently W.  I can adjust it to your template for final sale.  Pure wool flocked panels.

Harry Dabbs offers a number of different trees and panels to best fit your specific horse.  The Avant XL is a variation of the Avant tree designed after much research on OTTBs.  Both fit high withers with a little curve to the back, but the XL is for a broader horse.   The upswept performance panel relieves the back for greater lumbar engagement and is a must-have for a short-backed horse.  

Forward flap for the rider, it is extremely well balanced, as are all Dabbs saddles 😉 Moderate in both seat depth and twist.