Have a hard-to-fit Horse?

Bring ’em on!

I’ve pulled together a lineup of saddle makers that can fit almost anything!

Here are some examples:

Extra wide? I can order saddles up to 8wide. That is extra extra extra extra extra extra extra wide!


Tall or long withers? We accommodate those with various panel configurations, such as K-panels, dropped panels, and extra deep panels as well as specially designed trees. Got an OTTB? Here’s an article for you!


Short back? We can either get an upswept panel or combine a small panel with a larger seat size.

short back.jpg

Big shoulders? Check out the future panel.

big shoulder.jpg

Forward girth groove? You want to try the Shoulder Relief Girth (yes, I carry those too!)

forward girth groove.jpg

Confused by the options? That’s ok, that’s why you have me! You just sit in everything and decide what is comfortable for you. I’ll take care of your horse. Promise.